Preston Palmer

Preston Palmer is the founder and lead photographer of Brovado Weddings Hawaii. Before he began shooting weddings, he spent time in over 22 third world countries as an international photojournalist and researcher. Upon returning to the US, Preston started his wedding photography company in 2006. But it was in the diverse and sometimes dangerous situations during his travels that he developed an eye and a talent for capturing true human emotions and subtle, yet extraordinary moments. Those moments are what make a wedding day so special. Those moments ARE a wedding day. They're what you've looked forward to since you were little, what you're hoping for when your big day arrives. Preston knows you want a photographer who will grab those moments out of the air and hand them back to you in vivid detail. And that's exactly what he does.
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Preston is also a speaker, teacher, consultant and visionary. Find out more about his incredible nationwide seminars at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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